Tai Chi Theory & Philosophy Workshop

Suitable for all level practitioners of Tai Chi & Internal KungFu

When: 930am - 430pm Sunday 16th August 2015

Where: Waverley Basketball Centre, Cnr Power Ave & Batesford Rd, Chadstone


TKI members:  $120 (Earlybird);  $150 thereafter

Non-TKI:          $180 (Earlybird);  $210 thereafter

  *  Earlybird offer ends 2nd August 2015

Please bring: Drink, lunch, pen, paper, & wear warm loose comfortable clothing

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The Significance of Tai Chi Theory & Philosophy

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a main discipline of the Chinese internal martial arts, and has evolved to encompass the main   philosophies of the Chinese culture as well as Traditional Chinese medicine.  In line with the busy modern lifestyle, Tai Chi & the internal arts are usually taught as a physical discipline - yet it is so much more.  There is immense intellectual and spiritual (non-religious) depth to the internal arts & Tai Chi.  The proper study of this as a complete system  requires understanding of its theoretical and philosophical aspects in relation to its physical form.  In fact, it is so much more profound and enjoyable when the practitioner understands the arts in this way.  The only way to truly advance in Tai Chi & internal arts is to know its meaning & purpose.


Workshop Content

Presented by Master Shao, this workshop will help Tai Chi practitioners to establish a foundation understanding in Tai Chi theory and philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and relate these to the practice of Tai Chi.

The Workshop will encompass:

1) Philosophy— I-Jing - Yin Yang - Five Elements -  Eight Trigrams—Applications in internal training & Tai Chi

2) Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory - Major organs and their significance in TCM - 14 Major Meridians & importantly, the Original Pressure Points - Applications of these in Taichi/Qigong

Applications of Taijiquan:  Tai Chi principles - Levels of training - 6 Harmonies and 3 Sections of Body —Theory & Applications - Traditional Training Methods (Internal & External).