2016 Tai Chi Qi Gong Philosophy Workshop

Suitable for all level practitioners of Tai Chi & Internal KungFu

When: 930am - 430pm Sunday 14th August 2016

Where: Waverley Basketball Centre, Cnr Power Ave & Batesford Rd,Chadstone

Cost:   TKI members:  $130 (Earlybird);  $170 thereafter       

            Non-TKI:          $180 (Earlybird);   $210 thereafter

* Earlybird offer ends 24th July 2016

Please bring: Drink, lunch, pen, paper, & wear warm loose comfortable clothing


Presented by Master Shao, and in response to numerous requests, this workshop will focus on:

  1. Meridians and Qi Gong Tai Chi (Internal KungFu) Training

Further your understanding of the major meridians of Chinese Medicine theory, and apply the appropriate knowledge directly to your training of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  Specific movements can offer specific health benefits – this knowledge is truly practical and easy to use.

  1. 6 True Sounds Qi Gong

Through 6 True Sounds Qigong, Qi can be direct to specific regions of the body to boost its functioning to a higher level. However, the most important aspect of the 6 True Sounds Qigong is its ability to help balance inner organs and develop a deeper understanding of oneself.  This leads spiritual cultivation to the ultimate level, which is the truce for every Qigong practitioner.

The benefits of 6 True Sounds Qigong are:
                                             1. Master self-control

     2. Balance the inner organs and bring inner peace

     3. View the inside of one’s self

     4. Increase one’s will power

                  5. Achieve an ultimate level for personal spiritual cultivation

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