Economical and simple, DVDs are a great tool to use as a source of reference!  



Tai Chi Wand (Tai Chi Wand/Ruler, Book & DVD Set) Tai Chi Wand is the ultimate Chinese healing art, combining the qualities of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chinese medicine into one highly effective system.  It is influenced by what's traditionally known as Tai Chi Ruler or Qi Guiding Needle.  The techniques of Tai Chi Wand are developed with Master Shao's expertise in the Chinese healing and martial arts.  Never before, has such a powerful, simple and effective system been available to the general public - this is truly a treasure!

Duration: 2hrs 20mins (DVD); 30 pges full colour book


Tai Chi 24 Yang Style, Form & Application   This production is suitable for Tai Chi practitioners of all levels who would like to improve and revise their level of knowledge and skill. Master Shao provides a demonstration of the martial application of all movements in the Tai Chi 24 form.

Duration: 60 minutes


Tai Chi 32 Sword  is suitable for all levels of Tai Chi Weapon practitioners seeking to learn, revise and improve their level of knowledge and skills. This production contains multiple angles of the 32 Sword Forms and is an excellent reference for beginners and advanced students learning this form. Tai Chi 32 Sword instructional DVD clearly explained and demonstrated by Master ShaoZhao Ming.

Duration: 85 minutes



Fanzi Quan (Fanzi Boxing)

inc. Martial Applications & Multiple Sectional views

 Fanzi Quan is so called because of its movements which are executed as fast as lightning and thunderclaps. The movements are varied and continuous,   stressing the use of hands and body techniques such as side move, leaning back and turning over, as if a dragon whirling in the clouds.  The movements are quick and forceful, attacking and defending in short distance.  This is the most detailed DVD about Fanzi Quan available in English.  It includes demos from Grandmaster Ma Xianda of the famous Ma Family Tongbei system, and Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang - one of the leading authorities on traditional styles.  The instructional sequences in this DVD are taught by Master Shao Zhao Ming who was trained by both grandmasters and awarded the 1989 National Championship title for which one of his performances was Fanzi Quan.  

Duration: 54mins

 Xing Yi Quan  is one of the major internal Chinese martial arts. The term approximately translates to “Form and Ming Boxing”. It is characterised by aggressive, generally linear movements and explosive power.  The Xing YiQuan practitioner uses co-ordinated movements to generate bursts of power to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending.  This DVD includes a 5 Elements diagram as related to Xing Yi Quan.  It is suitable for beginner to intermediate level practitioners of Xing Yi Quan.  It contains the 5 Elements Basic Fists, 5 Elements Linking Form and Applications.

Duration: 35 minutes

XingYi Quan - Twelve Animals Linking Form (Instructional Workshop)

XingYi Quan is one of the major "Internal" stylesof Chinese martial arts. The term translates to "Form & IntentionBoxing" or similar.  The characteristics of this style are aggressive, linear movements and explosive, piercing power.   The Twelve Animals Form is one of the most popular XingYi Quan forms, and combines the 5 elemental fists and movements of twelve animals.  Follow the instructional workshop on these dvds and learn as if you are in the class!

Duration: 2hrs 50mins (2 Discs)

Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu  has developed and enriched itself through the life practice of the Chinese people during the long history of social development in early China. This production is best for beginners who wish to develop an excellent foundation for all styles of Chinese Martial Arts. It is also very valuable for all levels of practitioners seeking to learn, revise and improve their level of knowledge and skills. It contains 10 sections demonstrating front and side angles of the fundamental techniques of Kung Fu-Wushu, including: Basic Stretching, Hand Forms, Stances, Kicks, Waist & Hip Exercises, Five Stance Linking Form, Jumping Exercises and Tumbling Exercises. It also contains The Shaolin 10 Flick Kicks and, for the first time ever, the demonstration of their Martial Application. Shaolin Kung Fu-Wushu instructional DVD Clearly explained and demonstrated by Master Shao Zhao Ming.

Duration: 70 minutes

Kung Fu Wushu Vol.2 is suitable for beginner to intermediate level practitioners of KungfuWushu.  It contains essential techniques, combination exercises and routines in Barehand, Straight Sword, Broadsword , Cudgel and Spear.  The accuracy of techniques presented in this DVD is ideal to for practitioners who want to teach or compete successfully at international events.  This DVD contains unique combination exercises which are rarely taught alone, yet are extremely useful in the development of rhythm and explosive flavor in Kungfu Wushu. 


Bagua  is one of the most exotic and misunderstood of the Chinese Martial Arts. It has its own mythology, and novel training methods. With emphasis in circular evasion methods and powerful palm strikes, it is one of the most effective forms of the martial arts. This production is especially beneficial for beginners. It contains seven sections demonstrating the fundamental forms, exercises and Martial Applications for Ba Gua Zhang foundation training. They are Ba Gua Qi Gong, Basic Footwork and Application, The 24 Palms Swimming Body, Basic Matching, The Old Eight Palms and their Martial Application. Ba Gua Zhang instructional DVD Clearly explained and demonstrated by Master Shao Zhao Ming.
Duration: 60 minutes

Bagua Zhang Volume 2   This DVD is suitable for intermediate to more advanced level practitioners of Bagua Zhang. It contains essential single person exercises, 2 person exercises, 8 Elbows, training with bricks and the Swimming Dragon form. To gain a satisfactory level of intermediate/advanced skill in Bagua Zhang, it is necessary to regularly practice basic and essential exercises to strengthen one's foundation skills. It is also necessary to practice 2 person exercises in order to grasp the practical aspects and applications ofBagua Zhang. This DVD is specially designed to help beginner—intermediate level practitioners of Bagua Zhang to improve the standard of skill.
Duration: 48 minutes

The Deer Horn Swords are a very distinctive weapon unique to Baguazhang.  They are designed for use against multiple attackers, or any type of weapon. There are techniques for use against the spear, staff, saber and especially the straight sword. It has been said the Deer Horn Swords are especially good at defeating the straight sword with their hooking and trapping techniques.  As their shape suggests, the weapon’s application principles are in line with that of the Yin Yang philosophy.  In this DVD, follow Master Shao & develop the correct foundation Deer Horn Sword skills, then progress to Master Shao'sspecially designed Dear Horn Sword Form.

Duration: 25 minutes

Tai Chi for Beginners - The Power of Tai Chi Book & DVD Set  A complete reference for beginners! Contains the Tai Chi 8 Form, the full set of warm up and Qigong exercises. Presented in a clear and easy to follow format, allowing any beginner to easily grasp the foundations of Tai Chi & Qigong.

Tai Chi Fan   This form is beautifully presented by Master Shao, with front and back views and detailed sections to help you gain a good understanding. This Tai Chi Fan Form is a combination of Yang, Chen & Sun styles of Tai Chi, with the characteristics of Bagua Zhang & Xing Yi Quan. The form was selected by the “Wushu Encyclopaedia” TV Series in China, to showcase the Fan as a Tai Chi Weapon.
Duration: 25 minutes

Tai Chi Short Stick   Short Stick is also called Whip Stick. It has traditionally been considered by martial artists to be a very practical weapon. This particular style of Short Stick has traditionally been kept secret and not revealed to the public. It was secretly passed down by Master Shao’s teacher, GrandmasterMa Xian Da’s family in North West of China. The essence of all short weapons and the stick are combined into this most interesting form. Contains front & back views as well as detailed sections.
Duration: 20 minutes

 Ba Duan Jin QiGong   Also known as “Eight Section Brocade” the name of the form generally refers to how the eight individual movements of the form characterise and impart a silken quality (like that of a piece of  brocade) to the body and its energy.  The Baduanjin is primarily designated as a form of medical qigong for improving overall health and wellbeing. The BaduanJin is an ancient Qigong set that has passed the test of time.  It is mentioned in several encyclopedias originating from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The famous warrior General  Yue Fei ( 11th century)taught this set of exercise to his soldiers to keep them strong and ready for battle.  General Yue Fei is also associated with Xingyi and Eagle Claw Kung Fu.  Baduanjin is a timeless classic which is simple and effective.  It is beneficial to practitioners of all ages, beginners to advanced alike.   
Duration: 115 minutes

This is the long awaited DVD featuring 16 specially selected QiGongExercises suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced alike.  Follow Master Shao through each exercise, and use the breathing guide to learn when to breathe in/out during the exercises.  Choose your favourites to do each day and be on your way to better health and enjoyment

Duration: 62 minutes

Shaolin Bone Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing Qigong   represents the essence of Shaolin Qigong which was originally taught to the ShaolinMonks by Bodhidarma. The Qigong exercises benefits internal and external cultivation. If done regularly the muscles become stronger, bone mass increases, the limbs become longer, the lymphatic system improves and strengthens. The Californian University has conducted research into Bone Marrow Washing Qigong and they have found that the functioning of brain cells improve, especially for a child. Improvements also occur for flexibility and joint strength, kidney functions, insomnia, increased blood production, high blood pressure and indigestion as well as arthritis. This is a real treasure!
Duration: 1hr & 20 minutes

White Crane Qigong   Created by Master Shao combining his knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, White Crane Qigong is beautiful to perform and very beneficial to health at the same time. White Crane Qigong is especially beneficial to the functions of the lungs. It is especially designed for people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, hayfever, smokers and problems associated with the lungs. This Qigong may help to increase the capacity of the lungs and reduce chest pains. When practised regularly, one may feel a great sensation of the Qi.
Duration: 2hrs & 45 minutes

Good Morning Tai Chi   designed by Master Shao, the DVD contains 10, 15 and 20 minutes programs catering to our busy and stressful lifestyles. These programs are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners of Tai Chi & Qi Gong exercises. By performing these exercises in the morning, it willenergise your body, helping you feel healthier and well balanced during the day.
Duration: 45 minute




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