GM Bai Praying Mantis Tai Chi Workshop

Thank-you Grandmaster Bai for offering us the opportunity to train with you.  It was a day of intensive training that we will fondly remember!  The Tai Chi Praying Mantis DVD is now available. Click here for more information.


Suitable for all level practitioners of Tai Chi, Wushu & Internal KungFu   



When:   930am - 430pm  (inc. 30 mins break for lunch)

             Sunday 24th November 2013

Where:  Glen Eira College Gymnasium,

             Cnr Neerim & Booran Rds, Caulfield

Cost:    $150  (Earlybird special $120, if enrolled by 24th October 2013)

           Click here to book now, or call ph: 03 9998 0764 / 9569 0881


Please bring:    Drink, lunch, & wear loose comfortable clothing


Tai Chi Praying Mantis is versatile, and can be practiced by practitioners of all levels to suit their purpose. The form is a delight for both Tai Chi and Kung Fu practitioners alike, who can practice in a gentler Tai Chi way or more dynamic Kung Fu way - regardless, all practitioners will enjoy performing the unique movements, gain deeper understanding of the martial origin and add a highly respected skill to their repertoire.


About Tai Chi Praying Mantis

The famous fighting master and founder of the Northern Praying Mantis system, Wong Long, had four disciples during the Ch’ing dynasty.  Each claimed superior innovations and each seeking to be released from the founding school. The master said their desires would be granted on one condition; that each disciple name his system after markings on the back of personally captured mantis. One had the appearance of the Yin-yang symbol (Tai T’si), another looked like a Plum blossom (Mei Hua) one with the marking of 7 stars (Tsi Tsing), and one with no marks at all called the Bare Back (Kwing P’an).

The Tai Mantis practitioner delivers most of his strikes with great internal power, using a penetrating strike rather than sub-surface impact. Power generates from the ground to the waist to the technique. Parries are used more often than blocks, including one unique defensive technique called the “trading off” theory. Here, the practitioner will slightly deflect an opponent’s technique by quickly twisting his or her body to the side, or he or she may even allow the technique to connect. In return, he or she is situated very close to his or her opponent and can strike back with a much more powerful blow, usually dead center to the opponent. Due to the emphasis on these parries and close proximity fighting, considerable effort is made to toughen the arms, legs, and body by hitting hard objects, and by two-man contact sparring. Indeed, it has been said, “If you spar with a Tai Chi mantis, every time you hit him, you’re helping him train.”


About Grandmaster Bai

GM Bai is and accomplished Wushu coach with 45 years experience.
He personally trained numerous National and Interntaional Wushu Champions, including the “Wushu Prince” Zhao Changjun, who won the National All-Around Wushu Championship for ten consecutive years in China as well as many other famous National Wushu Champions in China including Ms. Zhang Xianping, Ms. Chu Fenglian, Mr. Cui Yi, Mr. Shao Zhaoming and Mr. Zhang Long.

GM Bai has made remarkable contribution to the promotion of Chinese culture exchange between China and the World. He had visited many countries as a martial arts expert, e.g. UK, USA, South Korean, Philippine, Australia, Vietnam and several countries in Africa. While serving as the head coach of the National Wushu Team in Malaysia in 1990's, he had trained and produced several world Wushu champions such as Mr. Cai Xianyou, Mr. Pan Zhigang and Mr. Quanan.

GM Bai is well known for his expertise in the traditional styes, including Tai Chi Praying Mantis, Double Hand Sword, Pi Gua Quan (chopping boxing), Fan Zi Quan (tornado fist), Baji Quan (Eight Extreme Boxing), Xingyi Quan (Form & Will Boxing), Zhaobao Tai Chi and many other styles and weapons.


GM Bai currently resides and teaches in Maryland USA, and we are honoured to have him visit TKI this year, and conduct the coveted Tai Chi Praying Mantis workshop.

This is a once in a lifetime event, please book early to take advantage of Earlybird rates.  Included in the workshop is a FREE reference DVD for each participant.


Click here to book now, or call ph: 03 9998 0764 / 9569 0881   (Earlybird rate ends 24th October)