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By far the best way to learn is to attend classes in person.  There is nothing like learning in a supportive environment with like minded people and the rewards are great - personal guidance, making new friends and learning not just from the Instructor, but also from peers.  We understand however, that it is not always possible for people to attend classes in person.  Reasons for this are typically due to geography, availability, finance, family commitments.  In these circumstances, the next best thing is to learn online.   


Whilst DVDs are useful and economical tools for learning and referencing, to learn in detail, we encourage learning from online classes.  In the classes, many corrections are made and movements revised repeatedly, as Master Shao fine tunes the class.  Importantly, the corrections & refinements take place relative to the participant's daily/weekly practice.  Often we need time to practice, correct, then practice again in order to understand the next level of correction/revision - this methodical refinement can only occur step by step in a class process.  Hence our efforts to document Master Shao's classes to make the most detailed teaching tool available to students who cannot attend his classes in person.


We've gone to great lengths to painstakingly record Master Shao's classes and give you the opportunity to learn as if you're a member in his class.  The culmination of years of efforts have resulted in our e-Learning site, which offers high quality video lessons in Tai Chi.  Lessons are available to general users as well as to health and fitness professionals who can benefit from courses accredited by Fitness Australia & Physical Activity Australia.


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Accredited Tai Chi courses for health & fitness professionals

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