The Martial Secrets of Yang Style Tai Chi





Publicly introduced for the first time in Australia



Date:                                4th May 2014, 4pm – 6pm.

Where:                             Martial Art Hall, Monash University 

                                        (Sports Complex)

                                        Wellington Road, Clayton


Has the martial value of Yang style Tai Chi been lost?  Where can the martial roots be found?  Why didn’t the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi - Yang LuChan 杨露禅 (aka. Yang WuDi 杨无敌) pass the martial skills to future generations?  Who are the successors that retained the martial skills of Yang Style Tai Chi?  These are questions that have concerned the Tai Chi Quan community.


In 1928, Yang ChengFu, the widely known Great Grandmaster of Yang style Tai Chi moved to from Beijing to Shanghai.  He started to promote the “large frame” Yang style Tai Chi which was created by him to suit the general public.  Nowadays, this version of Yang style Tai Chi is the most widely practiced.


The Martial applications of Yang style Tai Chi had been passed only to the Yang families and  Yang Wudi’s inner disciples.  The lineage of Martial Yang Style Tai Chi can be traced to one of the grandsons (Yang ShaoHou) of the founder Yang LuChan 杨露禅.  

The martial Yang style Tai Chi is called "small fast style”.  Some have called it "fast fist ", " fast frame”, “Fast Fist of Yang Style Taiji Quan “ and “Yang Family Martial Boxing”.    The style’s characteristics are its small frame, sharp explosive power, flexibility, numerous changing tactics and fast rhythm.  


 The complete system of “small fast style” has been passed by Yang ShaoHou to Zhang WenBing 张文炳(虎臣), and later, Zhang HanWen. 


We are fortunate to invite Grandmaster Zhang HanWen to demonstrate and introduce us to the secret art of the Yang family.  This is the first time such opportunity is available publicly in Australia.  The introductory session will give Tai Chi fans some insight into the valuable martial aspect of the world’s most popular Tai Chi style, and to witness its original form.  Martial Yang style Tai Chi has its unique interpretation and teaching methods.


Grandmaster Zhang HanWen is a former deputy secretary general of Beijing Wushu Association, Successor (5th generation) of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, and author of the book and DVD series " The Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Inner Pass".


Numbers restricted due to venue size!  Don't miss out the rare opportunity to experience the origins of Yang Style Tai Chi.    




Monash University Clayton Sports Complex

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