Oceania Wushu Duanwei Course and Examination

The Chinese Wushu Duan System is the official system implemented by the Chinese Wushu Association to
overall evaluate & recognise the levels of Wushu practitioners.
In August 2014, an agreement was formalised between KWA and CWA to recognise KWA as the administrator
of the Chinese Duanwei Grading System in the Australia-Oceania region.
All practitioners of Chinese martial arts who are members of recognised clubs/associations of OWUF/KWA
are invited to participate and receive official CWA recognition of your skill.
Introduction to the general regulations of the Chinese Duanwei system
I. Levels of Duan:
1. Qualification to Duan (Pre-Duan)
2. Elementary Duan: 1st Duan, 2nd Duan, 3rd Duan
3. Intermediate Duan: 4th Duan, 5th Duan, 6th Duan
Applicants to choose one of the available courses: Changquan / Chen Style Tai Chi / Yang Style Tai Chi / Xing Yi Quan
/ Bagua Zhang / Wushu for Children
II. Requirements of the Applicants:
Every practitioners who love Chinese Wushu and have practiced Wushu for over two years can apply.
III. Training Content:
1. Technical content and examination criteria of Chinese Wushu Duan System
2. Wushu ethics and basic Wushu theory
IV. Examination Method:
1. Wushu Ethics: Evaluate the practitioners’ performance in Wushu courtesy and virtues during the training course.
2.Examination Content
① Examination in theory:
a. Elementary Duan: Perform Wushu protocol
b. Intermediate Duan: Basic concept of Wushu ethics, perform Wushu protocol, and the basic Wushu theories.
② Examination in skills:
Elementary Duan: (Practitioners with min. 3 years experience)
a. Compulsory Solo Duan routine
b. Compusory Pair Duan Routine
Intermediate Duan: (Coaches with 5yrs + teaching experience and Elite athletes who are 3rd Duan for 2yrs+)
a. Compulsory Solo Duan routine
b. Compulsory Pair Duan Routine
c. Evaluation of resume of experience, achievements, contributions
Note: Pair routine item needs two people matched by yourself. The committee will not arrange it. The participant can
register a training partner. The training partner’s registration fee is free. The training partner has no result and need to
indicate in the registration form
V. Requirements for Applying Duan:
1. Applicants cannot apply to skip Duan levels. If you are 3 Duan, can apply for 4 Duan, not for 5 Duan or above.
2. If you have not a duan level yet, only can apply for 1 duan in principle. The athlete who has training wushu for a long
time (3 years or more) and have good technique and knowledge can apply for 2-3 Duan. The athlete/coach who has
taught wushu or organize society wushu for 5 years or more, or according to the achieved grade can apply for 4-6
Duan. The athletes who apply for duanwei need to offer a resume about their experience in wushu and copies of any
documents verifying wushu achievements and contributions.
VI. Fees and Committee Decisions are Final
The decisions of the Duanwei evaluation committee are final, and the fees are not refundable. If your score is not up to
the declared duanwei level applied for, a suitable Duan level will be awarded. If you don’t accept the final decision of
your Duanwei level, the fees are not refundable. It is important to apply for the appropriate Duan level you can
VII. Fees:
Payable to Kung Fu Wushu Australia (via online only – www.2014duanwei.eventbrite.com.au)
1. Application fee: $60 AUD
2. Training fees: $120 AUD (1.5 days)
Payable to Chinese Wushu Association by cash only - USD
3. Duanwei Conferment:
1st Duan: US$ 60.00
2nd Duan: US$ 90.00
3rd Duan: US$ 130.00
4th Duan: US$ 160.00
5th Duan: US$ 200.00
6th Duan: US$ 230.00

2014 Inaugural Oceania Chinese Wushu Duanwei Grading Course & Examination

Kung Fu Wushu Australia is pleased to announce the event will take place:
When: 6-7th December 2014
Where: Glen Eira College, Caulfield VIC, Australia
VIII. Application Procedure:
Application & Payment deadline: Sunday 23rd November 2014
1)  Fill in the Application Form, and email it to: auswushu@gmail.com
2)  Make the payment on this website:  www.2014duanwei.eventbrite.com.au

Download Application Form Here:

2014Duanwei Training Course and Examination - 141006.pdf (839,4 kB)