Standard Courses

These are actual videos of Master Shao's own classes.  Benefit from his expert knowledge and learn step by step as if you're a member in his class.  Sometimes you will see examples of martial applications to help you understand the meaning of different movements.  There will also be explanations about breathing, postures, health benefits, pressure points and utilising Dan Tian and Qi.


To give you an idea of what to expect, below is a short preview of the Tai Chi Beginners course.

Tai Chi Beginners

This is the crucial foundation course for all Tai Chi Beginners.  If you are new to Tai Chi, we highly recommend you complete this course before attempting any other Tai Chi forms or courses.  The Tai Chi Beginners course is designed to give you an excellent foundation for all other Tai Chi forms.

The program is designed by Master Shao Zhao Ming using over 40 decades of experience in the Chinese martial & healing arts. The purpose of this program is to deliver health benefits efficiently, with minimal complexity.  

In Tai Chi Beginners you will learn:

- Basic Qigong exercises to cultivate Qi and enhance the health benefits of Tai Chi
- Oz Tai Chi Programs 1-2, consisting of 8 movements (traditionally, this would be referred to as a "Tai Chi 8" form)
- Basic Tai Chi principles


Duration: 11 lessons x 45-55mins. with step-by-step instructions.  

Cost:  AUD$130 for 12 months

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Yang Style 40 

Yang style is the most popular style of Tai Chi practised today.

Yang style Tai Chi forms can be classified as Standardised/Simplified (e.g Tai Chi 24), or Traditional (e.g Yang Style 40).

Traditional Yang style retains more of the martial characteristics and principles, and the Yang Style 40 form is a favourite!

See below for a demonstration of Tai Chi Yang Style 40


Duration: 32 lessons x 15-20mins with step-by-step instructions.

Cost: AUD$160 for 12 months

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Tai Chi Wand

This is a unique system developed by Master Shao, combining the benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese medicine principles. It is very easy to learn, can be practiced anywhere, and there is minimal requirement for space. Tai Chi Wand is designed to deliver health benefits effectively and quickly. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced.  

Resources: You will need a Tai Chi Wand/Ruler for this course. Don't worry, we'll send you one for FREE the first time you enrol.

See below for a demonstration of the Tai Chi Wand routine.

Duration:  18 lessons x 20mins. lessons approx.  + 1 x 4mins supplementary lesson

Cost: AUD$220 for 12 months 

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