Special Introductory Offer

Available for all Tai Chi and KungFu-Wushu classes EXCEPT

Tai Chi :             Chadstone Tuesdays 630-730pm

KungFu Wushu:  Chadstone Saturdays 130-230pm


For all other valid classes - click on one of the offers below to register:

Tai Chi & KungFu-Wushu Beginners:

Offer 1:   Save $14 (30%)!!  Try 3 Classes for $25 (3 x 1hr classes)  

Offer 2:   Save $65 (50%)!!  Try 10 Classes just $65 (10 x 1hr classes) 



Terms & Conditions:

1) 1 offer per new member only, when registering online or prior to commencing class.

2) No further discounts or offers apply

3) No refunds, non-transferable

4) Offers valid at all TKI venues