Tribute to Grandmaster Ma Xianda  (1932-2013)


It is with great sadness that we received news of Grandmaster Ma Xianda’s  passing on Monday 18th June.  We pay tribute to one of our most influential Grandmasters, and exponent of the traditional system of Chinese martial arts. 


Grandmaster Ma was born in Hebei China, to a Muslim family who trace their martial arts roots back to 6 generations.  He was one of a handful of masters to have reached the highest 9th Duan level in Chinese martial arts.  He coached numerous champions, including Zhao Changjun & Jet Li.   More than twenty of his close students (one of which is Master Shao) have earned the coveted title of Wu Ying or "martial hero," a title awarded to athletes who repeatedly placed in the top three placings in national championships.  Grandmaster Ma was as much a philosopher as he was a martial artist, and his mental prowess coupled with remarkable martial ability earned him a legendary reputation from a young age.  To give you an idea of the legend he was in youth, we present a paragraph from USA’s Kung Fu Magazine, published in 2002: 


"In 1952, the first martial arts championship was held after the founding of the PRC in 1949. Ma captured the Lei Tai championship, a free fighting event where fighters knock each other off an elevated platform, defeating Tongbei Master Deng Hongzhao and CuoJiao Master Li Xuewen. He also took the Short Weapon Fighting Champion and the Wushu Performance Grand Champion. He won all this at the young of 19.  The following year, Ma won the Huabei Short Weapon Tournament. This included competitors from Beijing,  Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. Ma won every single bout."


The full article published by Kung Fu Magazine - Click here:

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