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Tai ChiInternal Kung Fu and Qi Gong are exercise systems proven to have numerous health benefits.  Each system has unique benefits, and there is something for everybody.  For those who like a great workout with self defense techniques, Kung Fu-Wushu or Kung Fu-Sanda is the answer for you.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, compete in competitions, recreation or cultivate your spirituality, we can help you get what you want.

Many of our members have been with us for 5yrs, 10yrs and even from the very first class in 1996! The reasons why our members stay are simple. They have found what they are looking for in our highly effective programs, dedicated instructors and supportive culture.

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Beginners of all ages welcome at every location

Tai Chi & Kung Fu Beginner Classes in Melbourne, Victoria

Whether you are looking to improve your health, compete in competitions, recreation or cultivate your spirituality, we can help you get what you want.

We conduct beginner to advanced level Tai Chi Qigong, Kung Fu Wushu and Internal Kung Fu classes throughout Melbourne Victoria.  We are passionate about bringing the health benefits of these arts to you.  Classes are designed to suit people of all ages and levels of experience.

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Our Instructors are trained to bring out the best in you!

Martial arts need to be taught and practiced correctly to gain the best results.  Accordingly, our instructors undergo a rigorous selection and qualification process to become fully qualified to teach Master Shao's highly effective programs.  Our instructors are accredited by the Australian Sports Commission and fully insured.  Their technical levels exceed the requirements of the grading standards of China's national martial arts association, China Wushu Association (CWA).

The skills level of our instructors can be proven by the results they and their students achieve.  In national and international competitions, many are medal winners.  In the context of health improvement, just read our Testimonials page and see how our instructors have helped to change the lives of many students, for the better. 

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About Chinese Martial Arts


There are many different styles of Chinese martial arts, and you have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the benefits of some of the most popular styles at our classes.  Here’s some of what you can learn with us:


Tai Chi

Tai Chi improves muscle tone, strength, fitness, joint flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Its deep breathing exercises promote the increase of oxygen in the blood and its circulation to vital organs. The exercises are suitable for people of all ages. Each individual possesses a unique tolerance level with respect to their physical ability. With consistent practise, you can increase the tolerance and build up flexibility & strength.   Click here for more information  



It can be said that “Tai Chi is like a tonic that helps to maintain general health; QiGong is like medicine which can be applied to help specific health problems.”

QiGong is an exercise system which focuses on cultivation of “Qi” (also known as Chi or bio-energy) in our bodies.  In Chinese Medicine, it is understood that Qi travels in a network of meridian channels within our bodies, and can be stimulated at acupuncture points.  QiGong exercises.  We need to have a healthy level of Qi in our body for good health, speedier recovery from illnesses and longevity.

Qigong & Tai Chi are both effective exercise systems which benefit our health.  The benefits of QiGong and Tai Chi are enhanced further when combined together in a synergistic program.  For this reason, all our Tai Chi classes also include QiGong exercises.  Click here for more information


KungFu Wushu

Wushu (also known as Kung Fu or Chinese Martial Arts) has developed and enriched itself through the life practice of the Chinese people into a great variety of styles, which are rich in content and diversified in form. Wushu routines incorporate kicking, beating, throwing, seizing, striking and thrusting into set routine exercise using various combinations of attack and defense, advance and retreat, dynamic and static states, quickness and slowness, toughness and solidity.   Click here for more information


Internal Kung Fu

Internal Kung Fu focuses on martial applications and cultivation of internal health and power.  Bagua Zhang is one of the most popular Internal Kung Fu styles.  The original name of Ba Gua Zhang was Zhuan Zhang, which means "Turning Palms". Based on the "I Ching", Ba Gua is one of the most exotic the Chinese Martial Arts.  Other popular styles of Internal Kung fu include XingYi Quan (Mind & Form Boxing) and Baji Quan (8 Extremities Boxing) Click here for more information


Internal Kung Fu - XingYi Quan

XingYi Quan (or Form & Mind Boxing) is characterised by aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power.  Xingyi Quan involves using coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending.  The linear nature of Xingyi Quan hints at both the military origins and the influence of spear technique alluded to in its mythology. Despite its hard, angular appearance, cultivating “soft” internal strength or Qi is essential to achieving power in Xingyi Quan.

In the martial context, the goal of the Xingyi Quan practitioner is to reach the opponent quickly and drive powerfully through them in a single burst — the analogy with spear fighting is useful here. This is achieved by coordinating one's body as a single unit and the intense focusing of one's Qi.     Click here for more information

See our demo on Channel 9's TODAY Show 

Wed 21/9/2016 at Dandenong Festival of Light

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World Wushu-Kungfu Day Debut: August 11, 2018

The benefits of kungfu practice, including developing athleticism, promoting health, boosting confidence, fostering community, and engaging in cultural exchange (among others), are no secret to kungfu practitioners and fans. The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) is excited to celebrate these benefits with kungfu enthusiasts around the world as a part of our "sport for all" campaign!


BaguaZhang - XingYiQuan Workshop

Sunday 6th May - Chadstone

By special guest Master Di from China

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2018  Qi Gong Philosophy Workshop

Sunday 18th March - Chadstone

- The meridian system and its application in Tai Chi Qi Gong

- Six True Sounds Qi Gong Revision

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2018 Lunar New Year Demo at Crown

16th & 18th Feb 2018 
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Results at Elite 14th World Wushu Championships (Russia)

29th Sept - 4th Oct 2017
Congratulations to TKI member Corey Johnstone for best results by Australian team member
XingyiQuan - 5th place
Double Broadsword - 8th place

Knife Self Defence

Chadstone, 13th August


Lunar New Year

The TKI team performed at Crown's Hawker's Bazaar for 2 weekends.

See some videos here


TKI 20th Anniversary

...It was a ball!

Attended by 150 members, including special guests and longtime friends

See the photos here




2015 December Grading

Congratulations to all Partiicpants!



13th World Wushu Championships

11-18th November 2015, Jakarta




Thanks to everyone who participated the workshop!  We trust you have gained much and are now applying some of what you learned, into your physical practice!


Tai Chi Theory & Philosophy Workshop

16th August 2015 - Chadstone

Learn the theory and philosophy essential to the proper practice of the internal arts and Tai Chi.

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CWA—Australasian Duanwei Grading

For the first time, KWA and the Chinese Wushu Association jointly conducted the internationally recognised grading certification course on 6-7th December here in Melbourne. The expert team sent from CWA were Professor Kang Gewu, Madam Zhang Yuping, the 5th Successor of Yang Style Tai Chi grand Master Zhao Youbin, the Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan Master Sha Junjie the famous son of Sha Guozheng, and the Chen Style Tai Chi Master Kang Tao.

In all 31 participants from all over Australia participated. Congratulations to the following TKI instructors/senior students who achieved their certification of 2nd Duan: Janice Zurzolo, Eddie Nugent, Maya Treacy, Peter Buchauer; 3rd Duan: Siew Ling Koh, Tam Lien, Corey Johnstone, James Wilkins, Wayne Walshe, Ching Shao; 4th Duan: Wayne Stubbs, Nick McEvoy.

As an appreciation of Master Shao’s dedications and contributions towards Wushu since he was 5 year old, CWA has awarded Master Shao the 8th Duan, making him the youngest recipient ever at this level.


6th World Traditional Wushu Championships (WTWC)

The bi-annual event was held in the beautiful mountain region of Jiuhuashan, China from 25th -30th Oct. We are pleased to announce that the Australian team brought home 23 medals, including 2 gold—both from TKI members! Well done guys!

Sandra Cathro - Gold & Silver

Eddie Nugent-Gold

Maya Treacy- Silver & Bronze

Wayne Walsh- Silver

Janice Zurzolo—Bronze

Wayne Stubbs—Bronze


1st World Tai Chi Championships

(Master Shao & Master Wu Bin (Jet Li’s Teacher) Judges at the 1st World Tai Chi Championships)

This elite event was held at Chengdu—a 3hr bus ride plus 2.5hr flight from the location of the 7WTWC. The TKI Tai Chi team continued from the WTWC to Chengdu and performed very well. Congratulations again!!

Wayne Walsh— 2 Bronze (Yang TC 40, TC 32 Sword)

James Wilkins—Bronze (TC 24)


Michelle Obama Enjoys Tai Chi

US First Lady made time to enjoy Tai Chi during her recent visit to China 26/03/2014.


Tai Chi Praying Mantis Workshop with Grandmaster Bai

GM Bai is one of the world's most experienced and sought after Wushu/Tai Chi coach.  He visited us from USA to conduct a day long intensive Praying Mantis Tai Chi workshop on 24th Nov 2013.  The Tai Chi Praying Mantis DVD is now available here.

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A Tribute to Grandmaster Ma Xianda (1932-2013)

One of our most influential Grandmasters, and exponent of the traditional system of Chinese martial arts.

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