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TaiChi-Qigong classes are available at the following locations in Melbourne Victoria:

Chadstone        Rosebud    

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Master Shao's Qi Gong Experience

Master Shao has extensive first hand experience of the miraculous healing power of Qi Gong.

In 1983, whilst training as a professional member of the Shaanxi Kung Fu Wushu team, he injured his back in a training accident.  He was rushed to hospital, where doctors told him that he would never be able to practice Wushu Kung Fu again.  The accident had caused disc dislocation between L4-5, and a compress fracture of his L1-3 vertebraes, with a piece of bone the size of a fingernail chipped off entirely.  His legs were numb from the accident, and he faced an uncertain future. 

In a twist of fate, the accident led him to be introduced to a Qi Gong Master, Professor Li Yong Chang, who taught him a set of Qi Gong exercises which could be used to heal his back.  With this new hope, he began to train Qi Gong for 2 hours every night at the hospital.  Professor Li was touched by his dedication to Qi Gong training and interest in Chinese Medicine - he accepted him as a disciple, and began to pass on his precious knowledge.  By 1989, Master Shao had completey recovered with the help of Qi Gong training, and won the National Open Champion - Wushu Kung Fu for 2 years running.


Master Shao went on to complete his study in Chinese Medicine at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and graduated in 1992.  In 2005, he completed his Master of Medicine - TCM/Acupuncture in China.  He is now completing his PhD.


All of Master Shao's Qi Gong and Tai Chi programs are developed with his unique expertise in Chinese martial arts and medicine.  That's why when you do our programs, you know you are getting the most powerful training available.                           

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is also known is 'Chi Kung', and is an internal martial art which focuses on the cultivation of Qi.  The purpose for the cultivation of Qi depends on the individual practitioner and the type of Qi Gong exercise / forms practiced.  Most often, practitioners use Qi Gong to remedy illness, promote health and longevity, and increase internal strength for martial applications. 


What's the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is like medicine - it can be applied specifically for specific conditions.  For example, there are specific Qi Gong exercises for heart conditions, for cancer, for increasing internal martial strength etc.

Tai Chi is like a general tonic - it is a useful exercise system which when practiced regularly, provides a broad spectrum of health benefits.


Both Qi Gong and Tai Chi complement eachother beautifully.  In fact, we add Qi Gong to all our Tai Chi classes to boost the effectiveness of Tai Chi.  The proof is in the pudding.  Click on the 'Testimonials' option to read the remarkable benefits our members have experienced whilst training with us.

What type of QiGong will I learn at TKI?


The long history of QiGong means that there is a vast selection of Qigong exercises available.

As always, at TKI we will teach you the sets that have the best balance of ease of learning and health benefits.

Beginners usually start with a selection of 8-10 basic Qigong exercises.  Intermediate-Advanced levels will also learn Baduanjin, 5 Animals Qigong, White Crane Qigong and 6 Harmony Sounds.

Master Shao teaching a 5 Animals Qigong class

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