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Tai Chi 


Dear Master Shao,

Happy Lunar Year of the Rat, may the year ahead be happy, healthey & prosperous for you & those you hold dear.  As you know for a while now I've been very pleased with how effective your Good Morning Tai Chi DVD has been for me.  I'm hopeful that the attached Testimonial I've written will encourage others to make the most of the valuable knowledge you've shared so generously for the betterment of all.

I enjoy wiriting. so I have taken some time in producing what I hope is a worthy testimonial for your use, & one that will resonate with other inactive folk.  I ndoing so, it may be too long for use in your newsletter, please let me know if you'd like me to edit it.  I'd be honored to do anything I can so that others can experience improved health and well-being as I have under your expert guidance, for which I'm eternally grateful.

Warm regards, Jen Farrell VIC

(By Email y-wimmer USA)

I am a high school math teacher in Tuba City, Az, USA. I hold 1st dan in Taekwondo & Yongmoodo. Some of my colleagues and I have been using your DVD to begin learning Tai Chi. We are very pleased and have found your DVD very helpful to us. The DVD we have shows the warm up, qi gong exercises & the 8 form tai chi. I just purchased DVDs on the 14 form, Qi Gong exercises, and Marrow Cleansing. We are very excited about using these products to aid in our training and to improve our health. Thank you for sharing your expertise through these products!


Dear Master Shao,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and to thank you for introducing the Taichi Wand teachings to us.

I have been suffering from a form of psoriatic arthritis for over fifteen years and have been told by doctors there is no cure but medication and mild exercise to help elleviate the symptoms.  The main symptoms include morning stiffness, fatigue and accumulation of fluids to my limbs and is usually hightened by hot weather.


Eversince learning the Taichi wand form and spending at least 10 minutes per day using it, it has truly helped me in managing my symptoms.  I no longer wake up in the mornings with the limb stiffness nor fatigue and don't feel the need to take any anti-inflammatory drugs.  

Once again, thank you very much Master Shao!

Gratefully, N. Dang-Lien.


My Dear Master Shao Zhao Ming, I do hope this letter find you well.  Thank-you so much for the Power of Tai Chi DVD and book.  It truly is the most elegant introduction to the first principles and practice of Tai chi and Qi Gong.  Ive been practicing dilligently and deriving great benefit in all aspects of my life.  The plain truth is I am a better person through Tai Chi.  All of the anger and confusion that has tormented me for years, evaporate like the morning mist the moment I started practicing Tai Chi...... (Stephen Lyne, NSW)

Hello Shao,
I am 60yrs old, for a long time I have wanted to do tai chi..a few weeks ago I bought your CD, the power of tai chi..just like to say, I have learned a lot from it.. it is very easy to learn.. I am now going to join a  tai chi class in the uk...your CD is beautiful to watch, so elegant and peaceful.. thank you...


Tai Chi relaxes us, it improves our posture and circulation, and we both have greater energy levels now. (John Paige & Sumiko Jojima, Chadstone class)        


When I first began, I was skeptical about the benefits of Tai Chi, partly because I had great difficulty remembering the movements and sequences. But as time passes, with the help of instructional DVDs and very patient instructors, plus the highly charged group dynamic, I am getting there and have noticed that my sense of balance and flexibility have improved noticeably. (Eddie Chew, Chadstone class )        
When I first started attending my Tai Chi class, I knew nothing about Tai Chi. Now after learning Tai Chi for several terms, I find the discipline of its various movements combined with the correct breathing has resulted in me experiencing more suppleness of the body, and feeling of general well being. I now commence each day with a much clearer mind and renewed vigour. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and would highly recommend Tai Chi to all.  
(Lauris Kay, Glen Waverley class)

Through training regularly it has helped me develop co-ordination, balance, strength and breathing and I now have a deeper understanding of my body’s potential. I am a lot more patient with my progress as a musician and can feel a clearer energy flow and confidence while performing on stage.
(Evan Tweedie, Caulfield class) 

For the short time that I have been practicing Shaolin One Finger & Marrow Washing Qi Gong, I have noticed some changes in myself.  I have been able to think clearly when I become stressed at work or at home, I no longer become uptight or stressed out over things, I am more relaxed and calm.  Thoughts and ideas come to me quickly helping me with my daily work.  For my health, Qi Gong has helped me; I used to have a sore back and neck from poor posture. My neck and back pain is almost a thing of the past now. I am much stronger and fitter now. Qi Gong has improved my health; I no longer feel run down or catch colds or the flu as often as I once did.  (Jason Liddle, Caulfield class)

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) or ‘lupus’, a chronic inflammatory condition characterised by joint and muscle involvement and lack of energy causing significant and frequent fatigue. Because of the risk of progressive arthritis it is important to maintain an adequate level of physical activity but this is complicated by low stamina.  Although I have participated in a regular fitness program for many years and continue to do so, I find  that now these activities often result in profound fatigue which interferes with other everyday tasks. I was persuaded to take up Tai Chi again (which I had previously tried about 20 years ago) and I commenced a program offered through the local Council. I have been practising regularly since January and after only a few months became aware that, as well as maintaining general fitness, the level of fatigue is significantly diminished. In contrast to other fitness activities, I usually feel relatively refreshed after a Tai Chi session and now only occasionally experience the need to sleep during the day, which had become a regular occurrence. In addition my general well-being has improved, I can achieve more in a day and therefore cope better with the demands of normal daily life.  Tai Chi is one of the activities recommended for people suffering from a variety of inflammatory conditions and from my own experience I can strongly endorse that advice. Tai Chi will continue to be a regular part of my daily routine. 
(Cynthia O'Keefe, Glen Waverley class)  

Kung Fu - Wushu
Given that I once used to be a “gym-junkie” it was at first very hard for me to do the very basic movements such as the kicks and punches that we all have to learn when we first start classes. I was extremely stiff, and it took a lot of effort from Master Shao, Sifu Nick and Sifu Les to relax my muscles.  After all, Wushu is all about flexibility and strength, not bulk. After reaching a certain degree of flexibility, I found that I was stronger than when I used to attend the gym. I have lost a fair amount of size and bulk; however what I gained in return was far more precious. ….I have become faster, more agile, much more flexible, and I found that the more flexibility I attained, the more strength I gained.   
(Ali Yazici, Caulfield class)   
I started Wushu at the start of 2005 as an inflexible person in mind and body. As I continued to practice and attend the classes on Saturdays, I slowly became more confident in my skills.  I have become fitter from practicing Wushu – I can walk for longer, and play sport with much more ease, and I find that I can concentrate and remember more at school on weeks when I attend Wushu training on the Saturday. I am also more confident at both in and out school. 
(Julian Lee, Caulfield class)

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