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Master Zuo Juan


Master Zuo Juan trained in Chinese martial arts since 8 years old.  Between 1984-1999, she won in excess of 50 medals at national competitions in China.  In 1997 she was awarded the title of National Women's Overall Champion (China), as well as World Female Wushu Champion (Italy). 


Master Zuo Juan graduated form Beijing University of Physical Education.  She was both a member and coach of the Beijing Wushu Team before she came to Melbourne, Australia. She has co-authored and published a textbook on Tai Chi Quan, as well as recorded many Wushu videos now used in teaching. Amongst her Wushu specializations are Straight Sword, Broad Sword, Cudgel, and Praying Mantis forms. 


Master Zuo Juan holds the 7th Dan for Kung Fu Wushu and tai Chi, and is an accredited International Tai Chi-Wushu Judge and teaches all styles Kung Fu- Wushu. She continues to inspire her students with enthusiasm and energy.  She is passionate about promoting the traditional arts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu for the benefit of all.


A sample of Master Zuo Juan's performances can be viewed here:

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