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Master Shao Zhao Ming

Master Shao's qualifications include:

  • PhD in Medicine (Chinese Medicine)

  • ‘Wu Ying' (the highest level of Kung Fu-Wushu) awarded by the Sports Commission of China.

  • National Open Champion, China in 1989 & 1990

  • Master of Medicine (TCM - Acupuncture)

  • Member - Technical Committee of International Wushu Federation (click here to verify)

  • Secretary General Wushu - Australian Kungfu (Wushu) Federation 

  • Head Coach - Australian National Wushu/Tai Chi Team 

  • Former Senior Coach in Kung Fu -Wushu and Tai Chi team- Beijing Sport University (Formerly the Beijing University of Physical Education), China

  • International Wushu/Tai Chi Judge (Grade A) - Accredited by International Wushu Federation

  • Kung Fu-Wushu 8th Duan - Awarded by Chinese Wushu Association

  • Guest Professor of Chinese Martial Arts, Xi'an University of Physical Education 


Whether you are looking to improve your health, or build the skills and confidence to compete , Master Shao's programs will help you to achieve this.

Master Shao began training in Chinese Martial Arts at the early age of five.  By the age of six, he was selected and trained under the guidance of China's renowned Grand Master Zhang Tong & Grand Master Ma Xian Da.

Master Shao was awarded National Open Champion of China in 1989 & 1990. Due to his achievements and knowledge, he was appointed Senior Coach of China's prestigious Beijing University of Physical Education Tai Chi and Kung Fu-Wushu team. 

Dedication to his studies and training has resulted in his attainment of ‘Wu Ying' (the highest level of Kung Fu-Wushu) awarded by the Sports Commission of China.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts are closely related and Master Shao has studied and graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing University of Physical Education, and holds a Master Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture.  He is the author of "The Study of Therapeutic Massage for Injury", which is now a text-book and subject at Beijing University of Physical Education.  

Master Shao has founded the Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute and Life Chi Medicine clinic.  At the institute, selected instructors conduct Chinese martial art classes across Victoria, teaching his specially designed programs to people of all ages and fitness levels.  At Life Chi Medicine, the team is dedicated to healing patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture and natural therapies.

In recent years, Master Shao has been the Team Coach for the Australian National Tai Chi Wushu team, and was commissioned by international publisher Hinkler Books, to create a Tai Chi book and DVD program for Beginners which was released in 2009.  Master Shao's combined expertise in Chinese martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine is unparalleled in Australia.  His unique knowledge enables him to design more effective programs.  Ultimately this benefits you.


An introduction to Master Shao and some of his performances can be viewed here:

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